Is there a way to change to the page preview / hover key from "Ctrl" to something else?

What I’m trying to do

I want to bind the page preview / hover link hotkey from “Ctrl” to something else.

Things I have tried

Searched all the various docs, forums etc. All discussion is requiring or not requiring the hot key to trigger the preview, but not about changing it.

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+1 for this

I have the same question.

I use a lot of hot key combinations which start with ‘ctrl’.

I find it is almost not possible to make sure that at any time, the mouse point dose not hover over any the clickable link or embedded item, etc. And what make it worse, in most cases, when I press the hot key combination, I have to use two hands. This means my hand is not on the mouse and I am not able to move the mouse.

So when I try to press the hot key combination which starts with ‘ctrl’, the hover editor may pop-up, cover the screen. And I have to stop anything what I’am doing on the keybroad, use one hand to find the mouse and move the mouse point carefully to somewhere that is ‘empty’. The workflow is broken. And when if the screen scrolls when some new text is inputed, this may happen again!

The hover editor is very convenient. I love it. But I think it should be like any other features to have a normal hotkey, i.e. a hotkey combination, rather than a single ‘ctrl’ key.