Is there a way to automatically replace words / phrases with new ones while I'm typing?

I’ve looked at other posts about this and haven’t found any that are recent enough or have solutions to them.

What I’m trying to do

For example: if I write r/Obsidian and press space, it automatically changes it to a link to the subreddit: [r/obsidian]( This should also work for any subreddit, any phrase that starts with “r/” and followed by at least 1 character.

Things I have tried

I looked at the Text Snippets plugin but that doesn’t seem to work, nor has it been updating in a year. The Text Expander plugin doesn’t work in the newer Live Preview editor. It’s possible to create templates with Templater but that requires activating commands which isn’t automatic.

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What OS? Mac and iOS have a built-in feature for that.

Yes I use Mac and iOS. Ideally there would be an Obsidian Plugin that could do this so it could be more “portable.” Like it would work in my vault no matter which platform I’m on.

If I were to use a solution outside of the app, I’d want it to work only in Obsidian and not other apps. For that Reddit example I showed, I wouldn’t want to type “r/obsidian” in iMessage and have it automatically replaced with markdown.

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