Is there a way to automatically move my cursor after a typing

I use “|” to represent where my cursor is.

To be more specific, the example is when I have $\mathcal{|}$, after I type “A” at my cursor, I will have $\mathcal{A|}$

I’m wondering if is there a way to have that after I type “A”, then my cursor becomes $\mathcal{A}|$. That is, my cursor automatically moves out of the latter bracket.

I’m also using Latex suite in my obsidian if I can get this desired result by editing this plugin, it will be nice.

Any help on this? Thanks!

How should the editor know when you want to type a single character or a word? And what’s wrong with hiring the right arrow? Or if on mobile, configure the mobile hotbar to show the icon for moving right?

You can try using the Typing Transformer plugin in conjunction and set your cursors at |.

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