Is there a way to Auto capture\insert url from pasted web content?

Quick Intro

Hello world!

I’m a recent obsidian convert. i am LOVING obsidian! so many awesome “things” to play with here! :heart:

i had been using using MS OneNote for many years, a month ago, I decided to get out of the sinking ship that is MS Office. found a great tool to export & convert my ~2500 notes out of onenote.

the bulk of my notes are webpages for software, helpful forums, & tutorials… etc, an offline & locally searchable archive…

which leads me to…

What I’m trying to do…

On simple valuable and convenient feature of OneNote does automatically and by default is…

when you copy & paste from any webpage or browser into onenote it appends a URL to the end of the pasted content.

its looks like this on the last line…

From < My essential and useful Obsidian plugins >

its great, paste once & go, doesn’t matter the formatting its right most the time, as long as that that source hyperlink is there one can follow up later, if need.

obsidian doesn’t do this by default. i can’t find a workaround for this automation yet.

Things I have tried

I’ve been digging into the plugins, forums & snippet threads looking for anyway to duplicate this behavior from onenote in obsidian…, haven’t found anything yet.

I’ve about given up on any of the automatic web clippers to md plugins on both ends of plugins from obsidian or chrome\firefox extensions. after two weeks not one of the 3 or 4 I’ve tried can make through an afternoon without failing, crashing or the just don’t do anything at all.

“markdownlader” was the best… and 80% of the time it just does this no matter what you do in the settings

and to be fair i never used extensions to send webpages to onenote. they didn’t work well either or only want to clip to an online cloud based MS365 account resource which…, just no. :rofl:

so either way I’m stuck manually copy & pastings from web to a noteDB.

Has anyone found or know of way that obsidian will detect a source url appending to the note or front matter of content pasted from a web browser?

i would dearly love to know


Will this work?

no i have this already, its functions is to rename links that already exist in obsidian.

what I’m looking for is for obsidian to automatic add a source link to newly pasted material