Is there a way to archive notes such that they don't show up on graphs?

I have a bunch of old notes I want to keep but they’re polluting my graph. Is there a way to make it so they don’t show up on my graph and/or links but are still around?

When I say not show up on links, I mean in the backlinks pane, I still want links to them to work.

Are you talking about the graph views, or the ordinary backlink pane?

For the first one, it should be possible to add some tag to the archived files, and remove them from the graph view using a filter.

For the backlink pane, I’m not sure what would be the better way to do it. You might be able to hide them using some CSS, maybe. Removing them entirely from the generation of backlinks, I’m not sure how to do, if at all possible.

Something which might alleviate it could be to add the old files to your exclude file settings, which at least would make them not be so prominent when searching and so on. But I don’t think that’ll hide them from the backlinks pane.

The backlinks pane is searchable, so you could use the same search from the graph filter. The search persists when you move to a different note.


  1. Create folder Archive.
  2. Put all old notes into Archive.
  3. Write in Graph Filters -path:Archive
    More options here: Search - Obsidian Help

You can use Auto Note Mover plugin to move every note with tag #archive to Archive folder.


  1. Add normal tag #archive or via properties tags: archive.
  2. Write in Graph Filters -tag:Archive.

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