Is there a way I could sync events / tasks written in a note with an online calendar like Google Calendar?

What I’d like is a note like this with events or tasks written down, descriptions for them:

- [ ] 2023-03-18 12:00PM Event 1. Description: blah blah blah.
- [ ] 2023-03-18 6:00PM Event 2. Description: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

And for them to show up in Google Calendar. They would sync two ways: If I edit any of the events or tasks in Google Calendar the change would be reflected in the note, and vice versa. Right now I’m using the Todoist plugin and syncing Todoist with Google Calendar, but I can’t edit the tasks like a note. Would you know how I could get this done?

There is a plugin, linked below:

Which promises access to the google calendar directly from Obsidian, which could solve or help you with your issues. However, it does state in the readme file, that:

The user limit of the test client is hit. This means that new Google accounts can’t use the test client until it’s verified by Google. I am working on getting the verification. For now, please resort to using your own client instead.

I read this, as you currently need to do some fiddling to get it up and running related to your own vault. Not sure how much work that is, or what javascript knowledge it requires from you.

There is also the aspect of trust related to the plugin, and the connection between Obsidian and Google calendar. Still, it might be worth a consideration at least.

Disclaimer: I’ve not used this plugin myself, and can’t vouch for how good it is, or how it function. I’ve just read about, and thought I should mention it.

I’ve been an avid Dynalist user for 2 years. The Google Calendar integration in Dynalist is fantastic! I’m guessing that bringing (non-beta!) integration to Obsidian might bring me from Dynalist to Obsidian.


Yeah I saw that, but it requires a subscription and its not open the way Obsidian is. Ironic given that its from the devs of Obsdian? Maybe not, it was created before it.

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