Is there a svg icon of obsidian?

I searched on internet and can only find png. I’m gathering a collection of icons related to programming and software tools for a figma cover template and I’d prefer svg :


Did you ever find? Someone the flatpak icon vanished from my system

The one on our official website if already in SVG format. If you copy the contents of that SVG element into its own file icon.svg, it should work.


I am actually trying to do this as well. I am sure that you are right, but I cannot quite figure it out. I am trying to get the .svg icon to use on my Loupedeck. Is there a resource library with Icons etc. to access? Forgive me for any naivete

SVG appears to be a text-based file format based on XML. I copied the svg definition from the official website and it seemed to work OK. Maybe it’s a place you could start from?

I had to zip it in order to upload it to the forum. (632 Bytes)


Awesome, thank you @Craig this ended up working

An Icon from Simple Icons:

More space between each color within the obsidian logo.

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