Is there a shortcut for opening next note?

I know there’s a shortcut for open next daily note, but I don’t find open next non-daily note of shortcut .

If there’s a shortcut, I don’t need open the sidebar for switch next note, and then close the sidebar.


@Connor96 Do you mean the note listed adjacent to current note in file-explorer?
If yes, then which note is “next” would depend on current “Sorting order” selected in “↑↓” icon in file explorer. Is this desired behavior?

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+1 for this request!

Actually a little confused - according to the other topic that malejcan linked to, that feature is implemented.

But I can’t seem to find the hotkey.

The only one I see is CTRL+ALT±>
(pressing CTRL and ALT and right keyboard arrow at the same time), and CTRL+ALT+<-
But, that seems to go forward and backward based on the sequence of notes you previously navigated to, rather than just iterating to the next note in the list (based on your sorting preference)

It seems like

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