Is there a shortcut for displaying the dropdown menu in tabs?

What I’m trying to do


I see a dropdown option in the tabs. I have to click on it to display it.

My question is: Does a shortcut exist for showing this dropdown menu, or is it possible to create one through some plugin?

Things I have tried

I searched community plugins, Reddit and in this forum, but I didn’t find an answer to my question. I also looked through the keyboard shortcuts in Obsidian and didn’t find (or notice) the one I need.

Maybe it’s very easy to do, but I just don’t see the option.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t recall there being a command to show that dropdown menu, but there are commands Go to tab #1 ~ Go to tab #8 (or the last tab if there are more than eight) that you can use to navigate to tabs within the same tab group.

Thank you @ariehen :slight_smile: I have a workflow for my mouse (macro) which helps me move between tabs (clicking the scroll wheel on my mouse to the right moves to the right tab, to the left moves to the left tab), and this is helpful.

The problem is that sometimes I have a lot of tabs open, and the only way to find the tab I’m looking for is to click on the dropdown menu to find the tab I need and click on it (also I close and open a lot of new tabs so I never know in 100% what i have curently on what place - what why the dropdown menu is very helpful. It would be similar to showing profiles in Chrome (CTRL+SHIFT+M).

Thank you again @ariehen ! :slight_smile:

To all others reading this post :wink: : If you have some idea how to solve this, or maybe you know some kind of plugin/solution for showing dropdown menu by shourtcut it would be awesome to know :slight_smile:

But you need to install it with this plugin:

Simply paste the first github link I posted on top in the BRAT interface after you installed brat.

Awesome @zegotius ! :smile: Thank you so much! :smile: It’s simply great :smile: