Is there a script/way to crop images in Excalidraw to prevent excess padding when exporting?

What I’m trying to do

Im importing transparent images into excalidraw and adjusting them to suit my needs as Im trying to create a card view of Hearthstone hero’s however when exporting the image border is still present, leaving a big empty gap between the content and the border.

Things I have tried

I thought adding a square object would override the border but that is not the case, is there a way to crop the image so i can get the border as close to the content as possible.

Image parameters in excalidraw:

Minimal Card view: (I’d like the image to get as close to the border of the card as possible)

Any assistance would be greately appreciated, I assume there is a way to do this in the markdown format of this image but I’m not sure how, I also could not find any scripts or tutorials online

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