Is there a "quick start guide"?


I’m a total noob, I downloaded Obsidian just recently and try to make any sense of it by making several notes. I seriously stumble upon not knowing how to do a number of things. For instance:

  • I wanted to try Zettelkasten prefix plugin, turned it on, and was challenged by the fact that newly created notes afterward did not include the UID in the title. It took me some digging to find an option “Create new Zettelnote”, for which the plugin works. So as a noob I instantly freak out: what the hell is the difference between regular notes and Zettelnotes?
  • I also enabled “Daily note” plugin, and basing on its description I kinda assumed that when I restart Obsidian, I would find a newly generated Daily note. This did not happen, and I really don’t know why - am I misreading the description and my expectations miss the point, or is there some issue that prevents the plugin to do its job; like: is it necessary to provide folder name for daily notes? I assumed that if I don’t provide it, the notes will be created in the root folder, but maybe it’s not an optional parameter after all?

From my experience so far, I gather that Obsidian has been built on a set of assumptions that are not always transparent. For instance, in hindsight I can see that the difference between “notes” and “Zettelnotes” is just a way to implement Inbox and Archive respectively. I can live with that, but it would be extremaly useful if there was a document or any other source that could serve as a primer, quick-start guide for new users, that would explain basic features and the assumptions behind them, possibly with mappings between the features of theoretical Zettelkasten model and the actual implementation in Obsidian.

Could you please point me to this kind of content (be it a document or a YT video), if it exists? Sorry if this is obvious, I tried to find anything like this, but to no avail.

Not really about the relation with the concept of a Zettelkasten but for Obsidian features you could check the “Help Vault” which you can open by clicking on the “?” symbol on the bottom left, or when opening another vault choosing the (last) option “Open help vault”.

The Help Vault explains the features of Obsidian, for how to relate Zettelkasten with Obsidian, I believe there are a couple of videos made by the community, but I would start with the Help Vault.


That seems to be exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!


There are also some example workflows you can look at and get ideas from: Example Workflows in Obsidian

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