Is there a plugin for drap&drop elements exactly like in Notion?

I’ve searched this question and it has been asked, but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I need drag & drop or in order words reordering of text blocks exactly like in Notion. In fact this feature is why I still can’t drop Notion, because I reorder things a lot in my TODO list and daily planner.

Obisidian has reordering in Outliner, but it’s not that good, it works only for a list items and only with a keyboard.

How it works in Notion:

  • you can drag & drop and reorder any block
  • to any place within a document
  • with a mouse cursor or a finger in a smartphone


  1. Is there such plugin? Not a partial replacement, but exactly like in Notion?

  2. Do you think this’s doable to do in a plugin (or there are architectural limits to that)? Thanks!

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I’ve been looking for that feature too. That’s the main reason I still use Notion. To be able to drag entire paragraph help me to write down what I think and then reorder.

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I’ve been told that there are:
‘Move line up’
‘Move line down’
actions which work exactly like I want, but it’s only a keyboard feature.


This feature would be awesome. +1. I still do most of my work in notion because of this. Rearranging rows seems easy with the keyboard, but it just takes too long to move things up and down.

Yes, the Outliner plugin has this feature. However, only for list items, so I suppose that counts as: