Is there a parser/renderer reference spec?

I’d like to adapt some external tooling to work with Obsidian: specifically, I would like to add a reader to Pandoc that can parse Obsidian-flavored Markdown.

Is there a reference spec for Obsidian-flavored Markdown? Or a test suite? Or even a comprehensive list of all the ways Obsidian-flavored Markdown differs from CommonMark?

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There is very little Obsidian-flavored Markdown. We us try to use commonmark with some minor additions.

Not a reference spec but, read this:

Thank you for letting me know, WhiteNoise. I appreciate your direct response.

Nevertheless, this is really frustrating for me to hear. I would like to use Obsidian as part of a larger toolset, but writing tools to make that happen isn’t reasonable without a spec or something similar. Not only because without a comprehensive doc it’s impossible to know if an implementation is complete, but also because without a versioned reference, there’s no way to tell if an implementation is out-of-date.

I also feel like the Obsidian community would benefit from being able to seamlessly use Pandoc with Obsidian, as there seems to be some interest.

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On these questions, it would be helpful for community developers to receive :

  1. A direct answer with elaboration. (The fact that OMD is small is more reason to provide some spec or versioning. )

  2. Status of such (not planned, etc) or migration to requests.

There is no reference spec and is not currently on the roadmap.