Is there a markdown editor in Obsidian?

There must be a markdown editor here somewhere, but I haven’t found it. (Like Bear, where you select text and hit Ctrl/Cmd B to bold, Alt/Opt Ctrl/Cmd 1 for a level 1 header, etc.) Or do you have to type in hashtags and asterisks manually?

I don’t see anything like that in the hotkey list, either.



You can press Cmd + B to bold the selected text in Obsidian. Have you tried it ?

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Thanks. And I see Cmd I sets italic.

And what about setting heading levels, and bulleted and numbered lists? I could probably build the shortcuts in Keyboard Maestro, but I’d be shocked if a forward-looking app like Obsidian is missing such basics.

If you open the command palette you can search for the various commands that are available. Try it by pressing Ctrl P. You could also open the help vault, believe it has some of this information.