Is there a hot key equivalent for Mobile?

Things I have tried

Looking around, clicking, swiping, and basically being a frantic nerd.

I looked for the answer and somehow missed it if it is there.

What I’m trying to do

I have a hot key (CTRL-ENTER) setup to create a TP Task. Works great on the desktop.

But if I am remote, and running on the mobile, how can I have something that allows for quickly creating a Task? Or anything…? Is there a swipe/click combo we could assign? When I am on the mobile app, there is still a section for hotkeys, but they are assuming a keyboard, which of course is not useful.

I see that the “Hamburger button” allows me to open a menu and choose New TP task, but that is a couple actions to get there. (and the Hamburger is tough to hit with one hand when walking or driving.)

The main menu that shows when no note is open allows:
“Create new File”, “Go to File”, “See Recent Files” and “Close” – There’s room for more… even if I could modify this and add an action or two, that would be great.

When I am out and on my phone, I want to add something quickly and put my phone away. I’m looking for the shortest distance to getting that done.

Is there anything? (This might just be a feature request, IDK…)

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Are you aware of the Mobile toolbar? Can that possible be used to your advantage?

There is quite a lot of predefined actions you can add to the toolbar, and you re-arrange to your likings, and you can even add global commands to it, so it’s quite flexible.

It does require for you to use the keyboard, but to enter anything, I reckon you still use the keyboard (and don’t do that whilst driving!).

For me to create a task, I just type the task, and hit the icon in the toolbar twice, once to make it a list item, and twice to make it into a task item.

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I am not aware of the Mobile tool bar. I’m guessing that is a plugin? I notice that the cMenu didn’t seem to work on the Mobile app.

But anyway, a keyboard ruins the flow. (and I plan on mostly using voice to text to add things – which is crazy good on the Google Pixel 7).

But I’ll look into the Mobile toolbar. Is the Mobile app public domain, by any chance? I guess I can search GitHub…

Thanks for the reply!

It’s a part of the main app on the mobile platform, not a plugin. So you should find it in the default settings, and it’s located on top of the keyboard.

Not sure how it looks when voice-to-text is enabled, as I don’t use that.

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If your voice-to-text thing lets you “type” key combos and modifier keys, you could use hotkeys.

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Hmmm… That’s a really interesting idea. I will experiment with that!

Thanks for this thread. I found the “Mobile” settings in the mobile app, and there’s an option for “what happens when you pull down from the top”. Bingo!

I set that to “new unique note”. Now, all I have to do is swipe down, and it creates a new note with my preferred date/time prefix.

Not sure if this will help the OP, but hopefully. If not…maybe it will help someone else.

Peace y’all


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