Is there a graph-view-style external app for management of outside files, to help with importing?

The Obsidian graph view has me really intrigued because of its potential to show hot spots in an existing file structure – which topics have the most files and how they connect. With an eye toward moving external app-specific documents (.docx, .opml, .pages, etc.) into markdown and then into Obsidian, has anyone seen a standalone app that would do the same for the host computer’s file system? Specifically I’m on a Mac, but if there is a github source code repository it could possibly be compiled for Linux or Mac. Alternatively, maybe there is an electron-based or browser-based app that could do the job?

Basically, “graph view” for stored files and directories? Even if it can only read file names and show a graphical hierarchical structure based on directory containers, that could be helpful. I found yWorks but I’m not sure how it would work in this context. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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