Is there a global undo?

What I’m trying to do

Undo changes in other files caused by various plugins or editor actions.

  • Specifically tasks marked as completed in other files when using the tasks plugin, but really any change in the obsidian vault

Things I have tried

  • Pressing C-z
  • Looking through the options and help forum

Found this: Cant UNDO "mark task as completed" in reading view

  • Suggests feature may not exist

Also this: Is there an undo for *actions* in Obsidian? : ObsidianMD

The feature I want sounds like it should be called “global undo”. Much like the program can bring one file back to a previous state by pressing C-z, I want that same behavior applied to the entire obsidian vault (possibly excepting configuration files).

Git kind of does this on slightly larger scales, and I assume there are standard methods to monitor if there have been any changes in an arbitrary directory, so I’m thinking this feature might already exist by a different name. I just want it tied to C-z.

I don’t think so.

If you make changes in a tab (type something, or do search and replace with Obsidian or a Templater script), you can undo those changes in individual tabs as long as Obsidian is still open.

Otherwise having GitHub Desktop open and discard changes through git is indeed a good idea.

I’m not aware of anything like this. This is why I use the Obsidian-Git plugin to backup everything to Git so I can always restore the vault if something happens across multiple files. I also backup to a NAS that has snapshots enabled, so I can use the Windows “Previous Versions” tool to get back files from multiple snapshots that are captured each day (including Git config files which don’t get backed up by the Obidian-Git plugin). Belt and suspenders!

There isn’t, but you can restore earlier versions of notes (1 at a time) in Settings > File Recovery.

Otherwise you can restore from your general backups as jpfieber suggests.

When reading this thread I do agree with Cawlin, and I would also suggest installing a plugin like changelog which would keep track of which files have been recently changed to aid you in discover actual candidates for handling.

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The use case of data recovery is covered, sure, but not the use case of “oops, let me just undo that real quick”.

Less critical, but there is a big usability difference.

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