Is there a (easy) way to create a daily note on the iphone?

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I know I can create and work with Daily Notes in Obsidian (on my Windows PC). But my daily workflow very often starts on one of my iDevices. And I could not figure out a way on how to create such a new daily note directly on my iPhone…

I have to add that I am using Obsidian Sync to synchronize my vault across the different platforms.

Has anyone a working solution for this. I would be glad to learn how to manage.

My favorite way is to use the Calendar plugin. Swipe right and tap on the current day, if you have that plugin installed and enabled.

Or you can use the “ribbon” (not really a ribbon on mobile, but that’s what it’s called). Tap on the hamburger icon in the bottom right corner of the app, and you should see something like this:

Or you can pull down to see the command palette, where you can type “daily” and tap on “open today’s daily note”. Command palette is a great tool to learn about, even if you dont use it for this. You can do just about anything with it.


How is your setup on your desktop?

My system uses the Templater plugin and a template. The template waits for Obsidian to fully sync before creating the new daily note if it does not exist – i.e., it has not been created on one of my other two devices.

Thanks a lot for your replies.
I have decided meanwhile not to use one document per day, but to have one per week. This is enough for my needs… :wink:

Best, Wolfgang

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