Is there a deeper reason why the Obsidian Android App can't simply open a vault on Google Drive?

(Newbie question)

The most straight forward approach to “How can I use Obsidian on multiple devices?”
that comes to my mind, would be to keep my vault in the Cloud (end to end encrypted), and access and edit it alternately from my desktop or mobile phone, whatever I happen to be on at the moment. While regularly creating backups on my harddrive.

No need for synchronisation, and all the potential complications associated with it, since I am not going to use more than one device at any given moment.

So as I tried to set this up yesterday, I belatedly realized that the mobile App cannot open a vault in the Cloud, but can only be used through synchronisation, while keeping a vault on the phone. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.) Unfortunately is not really an option for me, since I expect my vault to grow really big really fast. (It is already larger than one Gigabyte. It is imporant for me to keep my image and video attachments with the vault, linking them from a site like imgur isn’t an option for me.)

Is there a deeper reason for that? Does anyone happen to know if there are any plans to change this in the future?


It would seem like there is no way around synchronisation, if I want to use Obsidian on my phone.

(You don’t happen to know if there is a deeper reason why there isn’t an option to just open a vault in the cloud with the mobile app, like I can from my desktop, do you?)

The deeper reason is in that post I linked. Read it in full.

Ah yes, you’re completely right; cringe

(I missed the crucial bit because it was under the Heading “Why can’t I sync using X?”, and I wasn’t interested in syncing.)

“Implementing a system to read, modify, and monitor an entire folder structure comprising of possibly thousand of notes outside of the supported locations is challenging. We hope to address this limitation in the future.”

Thank you!

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