Is there a command to close both sidebars?

Is there a command that could close both sidebars(left and right) without having to go through invoking these two commands : Toggle left sidebar and Toggle right sidebar?

I am trying to come up with something similar to IntelliJ IDEA action Hide All Tool Windows

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You may already be aware of this, but depending on your operating system, you could use, for example, AutoHotkey (Windows) or Keyboard Maestro (Mac) to create a little macroscript that would press your hotkey for toggling the left then your hotkey for toggling the right whenever you press a certain hotkey designated to the macro.

I’m sure there are other ways, but these programs can be very useful. I was introduced to them here on the forum, and try to pass it along, as they have helped me in countless ways beyond just triggering hotkeys. The scripts can become quite involved.

Good luck!


Just assign them to hotkeys.

For example, on MacOS, I assign mine to Cmd-[ for left and Cmd-] for right. I’m not sure if Ctrl-[ is anything on Windows.

And then you only have to hold Cmd once. I just quickly hit Cmd[] and it hides them both. On my keyboard layout, those keys are right beside each other. And then you are also free to hide/show just one at a time. No fancy macros needed. (Though, those apps are indeed extremely useful too.)

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Focus Mode plugin. Assign to hotkey of your choice.

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