Is there a command for closing the file explorer?

I know that I can open the file explorer using: Files: Show file explorer command. When I type the same command, it does not close it. Is there another command for closing the file explorer?
I want to find it, so I can configure a shortcut for opening and closing the file explorer only with the keyboard

It is called “Toggle left sidebar”

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And, if you are simply using the hotkey for the Files: Show file explorer command to temporarily change focus from the note onto focus on the File Explorer pane on the left sidebar in order to traverse and open new notes via the keyboard, it isn’t necessary, although can often be helpful, to hide the File Explorer sidebar afterwards. I say this because when you use keyboard to highlight a note then either press Enter (to open in active tab) or ctrl Enter (to open in new tab in active tab group), the focus is automatically brought to the newly opened note/file.

Sometimes you might have pressed the Files: Show file explorer hotkey to simply traverse hierarchy with the up and down arrows, using the left and right arrows for collapsing and expanding folders, but never opened a new note, and want to return focus to the note you were previously working with. Simply hiding the left sidebar will get the File Explorer out of view, but won’t return focus to your note. For that, you can use a hotkey for the Focus on tab group to the right command. Depending on your layout, you may have to press this multiple times as it does not automatically return focus to previously active note, but rather does exactly what it’s name says and only focuses on tab group to the right.

Often times, I wish I could jump into the File Explorer and, using only hotkeys, move or copy a note/notes around, then quickly return to typing within my note, not having removed my hands from keyboard. For that functionality, check out this feature request: Select/move files/folders in Explorer via Ctrl, Shift, arrows, Spacebar & ctrl c/x/v

Thanks! Good luck!

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