Is the real source mode gone?

After the latest update (1.1.8) i noticed that in Source Mode some elements are shown as in Live Preview - especially headings.

Immediately after typing # it disappears and the font size changes to indicate I’m writing a heading.

I was used to see plain text in Source Mode including the full markdown syntax.
Is there any chance to get the real Source Mode back?

Things I have tried

I looked into options

What I’m trying to do

Trying to get a plain text view back

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It does seem the team has decided on a mix between source mode and live preview instead of keeping them entirely separate. However, I cannot replicate the hashtags of the headings disappearing with source mode activated. Are you sure you have it activated and don’t have any custom CSS snippets or plugins that might be causing issues?

There was no change in 1.1

If you look in the upper right for the “hamburger menu”, the three dots, select it, you should still be able to select Source mode, and see the plain text like before.


Thanks all, I’m glad i posted this question here, it was driving me insane!

Since WhiteNoise confirmed there was no change I deactivated all my plugins to find out what was causing this behaviour.

It seems to be a bug in the plugin. I ditched it and everything works as expected again!

Thanks for your help.

Edit: Actually there is a new option “Mark Sans” in the plugin options. However, disabling this only took effect after a restart of Obsidian which made me think it’s a bug. I still don’t think it’s a good idea to enable such an option by default.

Plugin changes sometimes require Obsidian to restart, unfortunately.

Yes, the mark sans feature seems to be tripping up a lot of folks. Will keep it off in as default.

wmrch’s solution worked for me (disable plugin). Thanks!

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