Is Obsidian And The Plugins Secure To Use At Work

I am using Obsidian to write notes at work. I work at a big tech enterprise and with a work computer. I really want to use the community plugins, especially dataview and all the plugins that help facilitate databasing and sorting things. And some other productivity plugins as well.

I have 3 questions:

  • Is it safe to use community plugins when working for a big enterprise company and with the provided work computer?
  • Is it safe to use and download different themes?
  • Is it safe to use Obsidian Sync?

Nobody can answer the “is it safe question” for you.
Also, Since this is a work environment you should check with your IT admins about installing obsidian and buy a commercial license.

If you’re asking about doing personal stuff on a work computer, that’s always a bad idea — use the personal computer you probably have in your pocket (your phone). (If you’re asking about doing work stuff, see WhiteNoise’s answer.)

Encrypt it when in doubt about your colleagues:

Plug off the network cable, don’t use closed source software, watch the source code of the plugins, don’t use USB-sticks, don’t work nearby a window … There are lots of security issues conceivable. The KGB ordered typewriters because of this.

Live is always a little bit risky.

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