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Hi everyone,

I just did a fairly large import from Evernote (Evernote–>Joplin–>Obsidian). Everything came across as expected and my images/files are in the folder “_resources”. I noticed in some notes, instead of showing me the attachment that it’s linking to, it just says…
_resources/590257a5e32bf2ac38efb253e92cfb19.png" is not created yet. Click to create.

When WILL it be created? LOL. When I look for the file mentioned above it’s there, and it’s the correct file, but the link to it is broken I suspect. Is this temporary somehow or did I miss something in my work today?

I figured it out. The links we’re looking for “…/Resources”.

I used Notepad++ to change the path to “/Resources” without the leading dots. That fixed it.

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Great to hear you solved it! I marked this as solved!

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