Is it really impossible to see ONLY empty notes/dead links in graph view?

Context: First, I have already found several versions of the same question in this forum, but they are all closed without solutions.

Second, I ask this because it would be an alternative way to do what I just asked here, that is some way to see only “essential” tags.

What I’m trying to do

I have or can add with some script can put links like these at the bottom of all my source notes:

- [[someEssentialTag]]
- [[anotherEssentialTag]]

I can get a list of all those empty notes with the dataview I found here.

But I would also really, really like in the graph view:

  1. first of all, a filter to see ONLY those empty notes, hiding everything else
  2. when I open one of those empty files, and then its local graph, it would also be great to see there only the notes that still link to other empty notes

Things I have tried

As I said, before creating this topic I searched in and outside the forum, but all I found are pages that either report no solution at all, or are not about graphs, like the Reddit thread linked above.

Is it really impossible to see only the empty files in graph view?


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