Is it possible to view comments (%%) in Reading view?

By default, comments (%%) are not visible in Reading view. Is there any possibility (css, any plugin, setting) how to view them? I tried to search the forum but did not find any anwer to that.

In my workflow, I would like to have the possibility to view comments (sometimes) even in Reading View.

I know, there is a specific comments plugin, however it uses html syntax for comments. I would like to prefer simple %% marks.

Thanks for your help

No, I do not think it’s possible - and that should actually be the idea of comments: that they are “just comments” and do not impede your reading flow.

For comments you want to be visible all the time, why don’t you, for example, use foldable callouts? You could define a custom callout for your comments.

I’d guess you could use a CSS snippet to do it.

Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, I know about the possibility to use callouts and I use them already, however for some use scenarios comments seem more appropriate for my use case:

It depends on how we understand Reading view. (1) If it should present only “production/output version” of our note (e.g. when preparing an article), in that case it is obvious that comments should be not visible. (2) However if we consider it rather a clean version for reading (without disturbing or possibility of editing, blinking cursor etc) = I want to focus on reading (proofreading), and I do want to see my comments also.

And my use case is that I want to use both: Sometimes I would like to hide comments quickly (and view only final version of my draft), sometimes I would like to view them AND still to be able to focus just on reading (without possibility of editing).

It is not a major issue for me, as I can still use edit view, but sometimes edit view is disturbing for me when I want just to read/think.

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