Is it possible to use nested tabs in PluginSettingTab?

I’d like to create tabs like in the screenshot below. I’m using Quick switcher just as an example here, but of course in reality I’d be adding tabs to my own plugin.

The purpose is to have most important settings on the first tab, and then put some “extra”, rarely changed settings out of sight on another tab.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

It’s technically possible but you need to do the heavy lifting here. I’m not aware of any pre-made components for this. I guess that’s a “no” to your original question. Sorry!

Edit: I would recommend setting groups instead of tabs. Having tabs on two axes is a bit confusing.

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Setting groups is a nice idea!

Now the left menu has an item that is my plugin (which actually is Shell commands in the above screenshot, although I had Quick switcher selected). If I understood your suggestion correctly, I would add two smaller items below my plugin’s name in the list: Basic settings and Advanced settings. They would be indented and otherwise graphically displayed in a way that a user understands that they do belong to the Shell commands plugin. If a user would click the Shell commands text in the menu, it would automatically open Basic settings. Did you mean something like this?

I think I could do this, but I’m also thinking about consistency. If some other plugin maker would want to do something similar for their plugin, then all plugins that add “child menu items”, should do it in a consistent way, so that the submenus will have a similar look and behaviour. That’s why an official API for setting groups would be nice, but I do understand if you have other things on your plate. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s already a consistent UI that the core app is using. Please refer to the screenshot below; group headings are marked in red.