Is it possible to use different theme for different Android phones while syncing also the plugins and obsidian settings?

My case is that I have an eink Android Phone which is good to set it with white background, while I have a normal Android Phone with OLED screen, which is good to set it with dark background.

I would like to sync not only notes, but also plugins and Obsidian Settings, between these two devices, so are there ways or options to allow me to make this happen?


Do you have/use any sync service now or are you thinking about it?

With Obsidian Sync, this is fairly easy. You could do the opposite of what I do :laughing:

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Given that you want to sync other stuff, it might be worthwhile to explore the option of changing background color based upon device specifications. Like change the background color given a specific viewport width or height, which should target one of your devices.

So if lookup the viewport size of your eink device, and conjure up some CSS related to that, which then would allow you to sync it to all devices, but only be effective on the eink device.

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