Is it possible to use dark mode on Obsidian Help pages (web)?

Hey guys, this could be the worst question here so far, but I had to inquire. This isn’t concerning the app but instead the help docs located at Index - Obsidian Publish.

So far most everything Obsidian related can be used in dark mode, website, forum, app. The help pages on the other hand are blasting my eyes with white. I’ve tried using Dark Reader, which does not activate on the site (Firefox), and I’ve gone into the Firefox dev tools to look around. I noticed there is a body class .theme-light and if this is switched to .theme-dark it works, activating a dark theme.

How does one activate this dark theme automatically? I’d love to be able to browse the help docs in dark mode. Thanks for any assistance!

Check out Dark Reader . If I remember correctly it will check for a .theme-dark before trying to parse it’s own dark settings.

Thanks for the reply. As I wrote in the first post, Dark Reader isn’t working for some reason, which is why I came here to post. Can you confirm it works on your end?

I would also like to be able to read Obsidian Publish in dark mode.

@tootie Yes, works great here:

Odd. Maybe just my setup. I ended up just writing a quick Stylus usercss grabbing the existing dark-theme css from the site and doing some tweaks of my own. Thanks for trying to help though!