Is it possible to use CSS to only show the PDF viewer UI on mouse hover?

In the docs, you can embed a PDF in a note with:


While the above works, it will show a UI toolbar above every embedded PDF document.


I mostly only want to show just a single page of an entire document, so with something like the following, it would mean the PDF viewer UI is shown for every embedded file:

### Section 1

### Section 2

### Section 3

### Section 4

I would like to hide that UI on top of the PDF viewer and only show it on mouse hover. I have not managed to do this though, so I am wondering if its even possible?

I am on the latest Obsidian. I would appreciate any help in confirming this.

With css, normally this code should work but it does not allow you to target the internal links which lead to a page without those which lead to the entire pdf:

.internal-embed > .pdf-toolbar {
    display: none;

Otherwise, the pdf++ plugin allows this very easily in the appearance options in style settings.