Is it possible to tell Obsidian to not check for links in certain areas?

Hey there,

I have a couple of templates and while working in my journal I try to get data around from one day to another. In the template (using templater) it looks like:

- dropped yesterday:  `=[[{{yesterday}}]].daily-drop`

which translates to

- dropped yesterday:  `=[[2022-07-17]].daily-drop`

once I have added it. However Obsidian keeps telling me that 2022-07-17 is an unlinked mention

Similar to this within my dataview that shows stuff I have done this week

FROM -"70 journal"
	WHERE file.cday >= date(2022-07-18)
	WHERE file.cday <= date(2022-07-24)
SORT file.cday asc

(also comes from a template initially)

In this case Obsidian “only complains” about the first line.

So I was wondering if

  • a) I’m doing it completely wrong or
  • b) I can fix this in some way?

any help is greatly appreciated



Maybe you could try “Setting → OPTIONS → Files & Links → Excluded files”. This will let the file hide in Unlinked Mentions.

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Sounds like you are doing great! I just tend not to look at the “Unlinked mentions” field in my templated notes, since the more dates I have listed, the more erroneous entries there are.
I imagine the unlinked mentions page as something like a suggestion from a spellchecker: sometimes it is useful, and sometimes I really did mean to write exactly what I wrote.
Happy note-taking!

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thanks this worked quite well. I excluded the days folder but still can “manually link” stuff if I want to

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