Is it possible to style a note based on a tag?

Things I have tried

  • Searching, this forum, and the internet

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to customize my permanent notes so that they have a different background color when viewed in Obsidian. I’d like to mark permanent notes by using a tag (e.g. #permanent). But I’ve been unable to find a way to customize the appearance of a note based on a tag (and it’s hard to search for because customizing the appearance of tags themselves is very popular). Does anyone have any suggestions?

you can use Auto Class plugin for that. you can assign a css class based on note’s tag (or folder), then you can style the css. but note that due to where the plugin apply the css, it cannot format the note’s title, just the note’s content area.


Ah, thanks that sounds like it’ll work. I’ll give it a try!

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