Is it possible to reference a block/paragraph?

In Roam, they use “::” to create a “reference block”.

Let’s that everyday:

  1. I log my achievements of the day in a note/journal.
  2. On each of that daily note I have a paragraph/block entitled “My positive affirmation for the day: bla bla bla”.

In Roam it sems like you can extract all of those “positive affirmation” in one click, just clicking on the reference block/link “My positive affirmation for the day”.

Not sure if my explanation are clear. Hope you guys will understand my request.
In other words, I’m trying to find an easy way to find all the pages using/containing the reference “My positive affirmation for the day”.

I found this Youtube tutorial on referencing blocks in Obsidian very helpful: . I’m not quite sure if Obsidian’s use of blocks quite does what you are asking for, though.

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You can use an embedded query to do this (search the forum), but I find this is one area that could be improved better to more closely approximate how Roam does it.