Is it possible to "rate" a note with Obsidian?


I would like to maintain rating for my notes, so that in long term I can review which ones are more useful to me. Any idea how can I do that with Obsidian? Thanks in advance for any hint.

You can add metadata field with a rating. Add a YAML section at the top like this:

rating: 5

thank you for the hint.

From the Obsidian Help it seems it’s up to me how to use this metadata. So for example I can see the rating of each note when I view it, or search for all notes with a specific rating by a global search for rating: 5. Is there anything else that can be done?

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You can use the Dataview plugin to create tables or list of notes sorted by rating, or filtered by a particular rating range.

More examples of what is possible can be found here:


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