Is it possible to print the fullpath of the active file on the title bar?

I am looking for a way to print the full path of the active document on the title bar.

This is something I look for in all the programs I use, as its important to a small program I have written in AutoHotkey. Currently this program of mine has no way of getting the path for the current document in Obsidian. So its set to do nothing.

I am open to any plugins that manage to achieve this feature as well
Thanks for any help.

When you say title bar, where exactly are you referring to?

Does the following output match your request:

If this is what you’re asking for, are you by any chance using the Minimal theme? Does the path show when you hover over the name at the top of the tab? If yes to these questions, try changing: Settings > Style Settings > Minimal > Titles > Tab title bar > Tab title visibility to become Visible.

This depends on the Settings > Appearance > Show tab title bar to be enabled, which might be the answer if you’re not having a positive response to the previous questions.

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Alternatively to what @holroy said, there is a nice plugin:

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Hello, thanks for your help.

I am referring to the title bar that every window a windows PC has, also known as caption, the top section on the following image:

I need it for external programs to know what the filepath for the active document, for every obsidian window is.

Currently, what I have is:

Chemical Reaction Upon Oxifusion - Chem 103 - Obsidian v1.3.5

I would like the full path of the file instead, so something like:

C:\Temp\Chem 103\Chemical Reaction Upon

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