Is it possible to perform Templates after the File was created?

What I’m trying to do

I want to combine the Plugin Modal Form with Templater and the only helpful thing with that Plugin is that its creates Frontmatters on Note Creation (If you use the “Create Note from Template” Option). So I want to insert the frontmatter data for moving the created file and the Description I inserted with the Form. But it will not work because the frontmatter variable function cannot find the value because the frontmatter doesn’t exist at this point. So I need to find a way to perform the additional Templates outside the Metadata/Properties Section after the file was created.

Things I have tried

I tried to use the Include Function, Variables and Dataview Methods but nothing works (Or I used the Dataview Method wrong).

This will let you perform actions after the template is inserted. Just change the code in the middle:

Can you pls format it correctly?

I cannot see through the code. -_-

Did you click the link which leads straight to nicely formatted code?

Oh, didn’t see that >.<

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