Is it possible to open an iframe in its own pane, not embedded in a note in particular?

A reference of what this would look like would be the Search on Internet plugin, with the “Open in iframe” setting being turned on, where searching for something opens an iframe on a new pane. This iframe is not embedded on a note, but occupies the entire pane.

I was wondering if I could create a link to an iframe like that, where instead of it showing as an embedded website from the note in preview mode, it would open in a new pane that’s fully occupied by it (and always in preview mode, instead of showing <iframe> text).

I believe @Emile has created a plugin for this purpose, but I can’t recall its name.

That’s the search on Internet plugin the OP mentions :wink:
I know there’s someone on discord working on an Internet browser plugin that would do this :slight_smile:


I’ve been waiting for that plugin for quite a while now lol I’m really looking forward to it

Do you have plans with integration for that plugin with yours @Emile? Like searching on google would open a new pane of the browser plugin.

Yeah i have definitely been thinking about doing this if that plugin allows for it! We’ll see once it’s out :slight_smile:


Got the latest update for the Search on Internet plugin @Emile (a few days ago actually), and would like to thank you, as right-clicking to open external links in iframe has given me what I was pretty much asking for in this thread! :heart:

Now then, Imma continue to wait for the browser plugin :upside_down_face:


I’m glad to hear it helps you out! It’s a temporary thing until a full-fledged browser plugin… Although I’ve been playing around with iframes a bit and they sure are limiting, haha.

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