Is it possible to navigate back/forward within one pane?

I would like to be able to navigate backward within a pane.

I have tried Navigate back, but this steps backward through all navigations across all panes.

An example will hopefully make it clearer:

Suppose I am working with 4 files — File1A and File1B in Pane 1, and File2A and File2B in Pane 2 — in the following order:

Open File1A in Pane 1 → switch to Pane 2 and open File2A → return to Pane 1 and open File1B → return to Pane 2 and open File2B → return to Pane 1.

What I would like to do is stay in Pane 1 and go backward from File 1B to the previous file (File1A)… without leaving Pane 1. At any time, I can go to Pane 2, and go backward in that pane’s view history: File 2B back to File 2A.

If I use Navigate Back, Obsidian will walk me backward through the above steps, switching me from Pane 1 to Pane 2. To get back to File1A, Navigate Back would flip me back and forth between Pane 1 and Pane 2 and all 4 files to eventually land back on File 1A.


This might help GitHub - pjeby/pane-relief: Obsidian plugin for per-pane history, pane movement/navigation hotkeys, and more


bingo! thanks.

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