Is it possible to modify Obsidian's default behavior with code?

Hello everyone,

I’m exploring ways to further customize my experience with Obsidian and was wondering if it’s possible to change the default behavior of the software by inserting code.

An example could be that clicking directly opens the note of that label or things like that, a different operation than normal.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Is there a plugin or script that allows this type of customization? Any guidance or resources would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t understand your example. But your main question is very general.

Yes, all plugins alter the default behaviour of Obsidian; by definition.

Do you have any other specific things you want to do? Your question seems too general to give any good response.

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Obsidian is a customizable powerhorse waiting for a jock like you.
Some ideas:


Oh yeah good link gino_m

And if you want to get started writing your own full blown plugins, check here: Home - Developer Documentation

Well, the topic of plugins is fine, but what I want to get at is when I want to make small changes, I see a lot of effort, a plugin for a minimal change.

An example could be that I could insert a code that when using the quick selector, empty notes do not appear due to empty links that I named

That I could make these types of minimal changes in certain obsidian points that for some may benefit but for others it would not be great.

Yes, that’s very easy. Turn on this option in Quick Switcher settings:

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If the change you want to make is relatively small, it is likely that you can accomplish your goal using existing plugins such as:

  • QuickAdd (Macro with user scripts)
  • Templater

(In my use case, I often combine QuickAdd user scripts + Commander( + Apple Shortcuts))

If you want to go further, I recommend diving into the development of your own plugin. Once you grasp the feel, this is a great option that gives you the most flexibility.


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