Is it possible to list all my projects from "Projects Plugin" at the same page with dataview or otherwise?

What I’m trying to do

Hello folks. I’m trying to list all my projects created with Projects Plugin by Marcus Olsson
I would like to have all of them (with wikilinks) listed in my dashboard. It would be best to use dataview, but I thank any solution. I’ve found none until now.

Do they have anything in common besides being created by Projects, like a tag or a folder?

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Yes, thanks, they have a folder, but each project refers to a subfolder, not a note. In each subfolder are the notes of the project like tasks and reminders. I can’t query the folders to be listed with dataview and the notes do not correspond to the projects themselves.

edit - oops - I think I was thinking below of Tasks syntax being able to list Tasks with something in their path

I’m a beginner here but I THINK I noticed when I dabbled with that plugin the other day that you can have a query that returns projects that include a certain string in their path, so if they all sit under a “projects” folder that filter will pick them up.

Let me re-enable it and se if I can find it again

If you don’t want to link/list the notes within that project folder, then what do you want to list? Just the folders?

If just folders, then what kind of information from each folder do you plan to list? Any tasks? Any lists?

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I just want to have a link that leads me directly to a project in another page (my dashboard) so that I can view a list of all projects and go directly into its view when I click its name (consider the fact that projects plugin gives us a special kind of view, be it a table, calendar, gallery or board)

Isn’t that just to do to the “Projects: Show projects” command? And possibly to assign that to a hotkey from Settings > Hotkeys ?

When opened, you could also considered pinning the project view, and potentially move it into your side panels.

I’m very sorry, if I’m totally misunderstand your request here. But since that’s plugins mantra is to kind of leave no trace, I reckon you need to use the plugin for any view of its projects besides directly linking to individual notes, or querying stuff from that area, and so on.

One could possibly look into the inner workings of the projects data files, and try to deduce what’s a project or not, but after that you’re still kind of required to use the plugins view of the projects.

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I thank you a lot. Your answer kinda solves my problem with the suggestion to move projects to a side panel and reconfigure my dashboard. But that’s not quite what I’d like.

Maybe I can solve it with some Yaml and sorting on dataview. If I query and sort the notes by creation date and by project (having these metadata on every project note) I could have a loooong table with the quick info I need, but it would put more weight on the side that projects plugin is supposed to lighten.

Thanks, anyway

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