Is it possible to link to all blocks which are the result of a query?

I see these instructions for linking to blocks:

Is there are way to embed “search results as a list of linked blocks”? (This probably has some PKB name, but I don’t know it…)

My goal: I would like a page called “todo” and it has a bunch of blocks from, say, 10 other pages, in which I have made blocks called “todo”. Then all my to-do items are aggregated in one place. I don’t want to keep making links to specific blocks from specific pages on the “todo” page, but instead rely on the search query results to show me them all at once.


Obsidian ToDo plugin does #Todo collecting. There are a few others that do similar types of things. I’m not sure about pulling in “blocks” though.

There is another plugin called Text {{expand}} that auto-generates lists of pages with links from a search query. Again, not sure it can use the ^ to pull in a block.

Thanks! I couldn’t get the ToDo plugin to work. I will have to debug my set up further.

This also seems related: Jul '20 how-do-you-handle-tasks-in-obsidian

"Two other features that would be helpful, but not necessary:

  • Editable search results
  • Embeddable search queries"

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