Is it possible to link panes, only the scroll of panes to enable Cornell-style?

I’m new to electronic note taking and have been wanting to take them in a style similar of Cornell notes. I’m essence I’m looking for a way to write down raw notes, condense them later, then summarize the entire section. Cornell notes allow for easy correlation during the condensing portion by having it immediately to the left of raw notes. When I link panes, it directly copies the linked panes, which doesn’t allow the viewing of information side by side, and most importantly, aligned.

Is this possible with Obsidian? If not, what alternative note taking workflows follow a similar structure?

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Perhaps I’m not understanding the issue, but I think you can solve this just by opening the same note twice (or three times, or whatever) and scroll the separate panes to wherever you need.

If I recall correctly anyway. I swear I’ve opened the same note in multiple unlinked panes before…

I’m sorry I didn’t clarify specifically, but is it possible to have the panes be two completely different files? From what it seems is that it will mimic the linked pane, but I want to see two different files side by side and scroll both together. This way, a file on my left of the screen is related to the file on my right in terms of vertical positioning.

Oh, synced scrolling. No, not at the moment. Feel free to add your voice to this feature request: Synchronise the scroll position of two different files

Thank you! I will do that.

While the feature is being implemented, do you have any suggestions on alternative note taking workflows?

Sorry, good point, that’s the second thing you asked about.

I do not have specific advice on that front; you might want to post a new thread in e.g., #knowledge-management on it, as I think it’s a more general discussion than #help is meant for.