Is it possible to influence the HTML (sidebar) in a plugin?

Is it (or could it be) possible to ‘hook’ the generation of HTML for the sidebar navigator?

I.E: where it’s generating things like

Untitled</div? ?

One of the things I miss about notion is the ability to have icons for notes. On the mac, it is possible to change the icon of a file (click cmd+I, paste an image into the file info in the top-left). It would be great to be able to write a plugin to render an image next to each note in that style – but in order to do so I suspect I’d need to be able to hook into the rendering cycle for that item…


It should be doable. Others have done something like this for note titles. E.g.:

Hm - that link is useful, but isn’t the ‘sidebar’ something different from a markdown view?

I.E: I’d like to be able to influence this view:


So that I can add an icon to the left of each entry (e.g: Code, Links, Obsibian Icons, Tools)


This thread should help.
I use it myself, with some color tweaks.

+1 for this feature - I’m working on my system just now and it looks like this:

I’m using Emoji in the file name, but of course, that also influences it on the OS, and when typing Dataview queries, ideally the icon should just be a property of the file or folder.