Is it possible to include backlinks in a note embed?

In Obsidian I’m trying to replicate the scrolling daily note view like in Roam & Logseq.

Thanks to the Daily Notes Viewer plugin, I’m able to replicate part of this. Daily Notes Viewer creates a note with note embeds of each Daily Note, from most recent to least.

What I’m missing is seeing the backlinks in this view (I know I can open each Daily Note and view its backlinks in the backlinks panel, but it’s nice to be able to see them in the stream of Daily Notes).

Is it possible to include backlinks (preferably with their context like in the backlink panel) in a page embed?

Or is there a better way of achieving all of this?

Thank you

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Turning on Settings (Plugin Options) > Backlinks > Backlink in Document doesn’t do it. Maybe you could try a DataView, or an embedded search (embedded search would show too much, but there’s a beta plugin that would let you collapse the results, if they showed in embeds).

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Thank you for the suggestions. I will look into those.

The beta plugin I was thinking of is Query Control. I haven’t tried it yet; I installed it just now after looking it up.

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