Is it possible to include a local link in a note?

I’m new to Obsidian and started to make my first notes.
To make a reference do `I like to create a link to a file on my local NAS (or local PC) which is located outside the Obsidian database.
Is it possible to do this without making a copy (which is included in the Obsidian database) ?
And can this be done such that it can be opened by clicking ?

I tried searching but end up with instructions how to link to an embedded file or local file stored within the Obsidian vault. I like to link to a file outside the vault.

Thanks in advance.

Does this work for you?

[link description](file:///C://Users//david//Documents//qq.csv)

This works for me ok.


Thanks for your proposal, I will double check on my windows laptop. The equivalent version does not work on my macbook. (at least what I think would be the equivalent version).