Is it possible to ignore certain tags?

I have some content in my database that includes hashtags, but the hashtags are the content itself (because the content is about online media).

These hashtags show up in the Tag pane on Obsidian, and I don’t want them to. Is there a way to instruct Obsidian to ignore certain tags?

Judging by @obsi’s feature request to ignore tags used in templates, I’m guessing there’s not a way to do this – but I thought I’d try.

It requires a little more typing, but you can surround them with one tick on either side:

`` <-- your tag between those two

to prevent them from showing up in the tag pane.


You can also escape the hash character (#) with a backslash (\)

This is a tag: #tag

This is a not a tag: \#notag


@andrezgz beat me to this point. One thing I would add in regard to the tag list - I’ve observed that tags don’t seem to disappear from the apps “memory” immediately when you enter corrections etc. So if you have existing tags you want to ignore you may need to close the app after you’ve escaped the hashtags in order to have them disappear from the tag lists. Won’t matter for those you escape when first typing them.

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It would be nice to disable “#tag” interpretation for a single note with YAML keyword, for example “tags-in-note”: disable, and leave tags for note only in YAML:

tags: foo, bar
tags-in-note: disable

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