Is it possible to have more than one installation of Obsidian at the same time?

What I’m trying to do

I’ve tried setting up Obsidian on a virtual machine on the PC but I can only set up Linux Virtual machines and that lead me down a rabbit hole i didn’t want to be in! I want to experiment with different plug in configurations on the same Windows 10 machine as well as keep a secure pure Obsidian install with confidential thoughts without trying to set it up as portable software. Any ideas?

Unless I’m misunderstanding your points about virtual machines, you can easily set up what you want to do as each vault keeps its own set of plugins etc. See

Now I understand, thank you! I guess my main fear is that installing community plug ins might in some way risk the security integrity of software.

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The way I understood security so far is that as long as you allow obsidian internet access, and as long as you allow plugins, then you are not secure in the strictest sense of the word. Because plugins, once allowed, then have access to your machine, your hard drive, and the internet. Of course, plugins are reviewed, but to what extent, I don’t know, and the vast majority-- or almost all-- plugins probably have nothing but positive intention and function. But the fact remains there is possibility is there for data breach. So if you want a 100% secure installation, but it on a machine with no network. If you want it 99% secure, put it on a machine with net access, but block obsidian internet access and don’t install any plugins.

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You could also do what I do. I run a VPN. There are a lot of good options that are affordable. I have many plugins and agree with WahWah about trusting them to a point. But if you want to be really secure, just VPN. Which I suggest you do all the time anyway. I also dual boot my Windows machine to a Linux machine. Very easy to do. Linux provides better security. Hope that helps.

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