Is it possible to have attachments in a separate location and not indexed

Considering that the index consumption increases when obsidian is opened due to the excessive number of attachments, is there some way that the attachments can be placed in a folder of obsidian, but will not be indexed, similar to the way of network chart bed link to the md file

In Settings > Files & Links is a setting to choose where new attachments are stored.

In the same place is an Excluded Files setting which will hide files in some places and make them less prominent in others.

I’m not sure what you mean about index consumption, or what you mean by:

It seems that every time you open obsidian it causes a long index due to the presence of a large number of attachments

Hm, I haven’t seen that behavior. You can store attachments outside of your vault a link to them but I’m not sure if you can embed them (it’s been discussed here, so a search should answer that). If you can, the path will of course be specific to the machine that it’s on and won’t work on others.