Is it possible to have a line between each "group by" in Dataview?

My data view runs well. Just wondering if it is possible to have a line across the table between each group?

Here is my current dataview query:

Table without ID Related-project AS Related-Project,rows.Status AS Status, AS Title,rows.Content-type AS Type
Where notetype= “Project”
Where != “tmplt-Project”
Group by Related-project

I would like a line between each “Related-project”

Thanks for any input. :kissing_closed_eyes:

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This sounds like a use case for #custom-css !

Try changing the border attribute on the selector .table-view-table > tbody > tr > td. I am not very CSS knowledgeable, but you may need to add a cssclass to your file and put that class in front of the selector, or to use !important with the border attribute in order to win the specificity tie-breaker with dataview’s css file.

Maybe someone will have a pre-made snippet for you, or maybe there is one in one of the #share-showcase giant threads about CSS.

Thank you. Turns out my theme has a setting for it already. Appreciate the response.

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Neat! What did the combination of you and your theme change your borders to be?

I just added a line in between each group, and numbered the groups. Screen shot:


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