Is it possible to embed Geogebra?


why no body reply to this post?!!!
this is a greatest idea…


Because the intersection between folks who use Obsidian, who use GeoGebra, and who want the embedded option is now proven to be about three people.



Count me in too.
I agree the number of potential users is not huge…
But those users are probably teachers who, like me, plan on using obsidian+geogebra in class. So adding that feature could actually affect hundreds of people.

Oh yes that would be realy cool and usefull. I’m studying physics and everytime i want to implement a graph in my notes I’m building them in Geogebra and screenshot them. But with an implementation they would be interactive and thus way more usefull.


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By excalidraw or latex
we can draw infinite of diagrams and math eqautions
By desmos
we can draw graph with one variable
It is time to draw 3d graph in obsidian

all know we need is geogebra program


This request was posted previously.

A comparable request is to be able to view/work with (python in) Jupyter notebooks.


You can use iframe to embed goegebra. Copy the embed link( see Embedding GeoGebra Apps Made Easier! - YouTube ), and paste it in obsidian.